Massage for relaxation

If you have hard work in week, you certainly want to indulge you really good relaxation at the weekend. Some of us decide to go with our friends into pub, someone else go for example to different wellness trips. Someone loves go in nature with his family and someone else stay in his bed with favourite book and stay at home for all day. But if you want finally try something really original, we offer you possibility to try nuru massage that we will indulge you in our prague salon. It is really specific type of relaxation, which will guaranteed assume you.

Gel and nakedness

The main fundamental is special gel from sea-grass and naked body of our worker. This attachment brings you really original experience. But you should not think that there are sexual services, really not. In our salon is never any sexual activity. And any money never changes it. Let you grease you by special gel and enjoy slippering body of our worker on your body. Relaxation that will arrive will be really sensual and so intensive.